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Dr. Edward R. Chauvin, D.C., QNCP

Dr. Edward R. Chauvin graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1981 and has practiced chiropractic care for 40 years. He continues to study new and updated techniques for nervous system rehabilitation. He focuses on balancing the brain and spinal alignment. He was awarded the “Quantum Neurology Doctor of the Year” for 2017 for balancing the sympathetic (Fight-Flight) and the parasympathetic (Heal, Digest, Rest) nervous systems. He has written a book called, “I’m Worried Sick About My Health”, which can be purchased at his office. The book is about getting healthy and staying healthy without spending a fortune. The exercises he put his patients on are designed to bring healing and restoration to the state of sympathetic dominance we are exposed to daily due to stress responses. With brain disorders on the rise, his method will address those issues.

 Dr. Chauvin has been an Abbeville, La resident for over 33 years and is happy to call it home. He is active in his community and looks forward to serving area for many more years.

His Published Books


The power to heal oneself is taught within these pages. 


Dr. Edward Chauvin is one of the pioneers of Quantum Neurology and is a walking, talking miracle himself. This book is a must read for anyone who’d like to have a healthy life and strong and healthy body.

"This book is a roadmap to lifelong health based upon a natural, holistic, and effective approach. Each chapter is packed with one breakthrough insight after another."

Dr. Woody Beck, D.C., Q.N.

"I truly respect Dr. Chauvin, and I know that this book will be of service to those who allow themselves to be served by the years of applied knowledge and care to which Dr. Chauvin has dedicated himself."

Dr. James D. Sheen, D.C.

"Dr. Chauvin's ability to find and repair problems in the human body is absolutely incredible. He is my doctor and I truly believe that he is one of the best doctors in the world."

Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C., Author of The Hidden Diagnosis & Health Product Formulator