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why biofreeze?

“What I love about Biofreeze is the feeling I get when I apply it to any ailing area. I feel great about it, too, because I’m not putting any drugs in my body. I know this is a solution to pain management that allows me to go out and play at a high level.” 

Drew Brees (NFL Quarterback)

Colorless Biofreeze is a technologically advance remedy for pain. It uses time-tested herbs put together in an easy-to-use package. You can get a large application of it in practice or get a smaller amount for yourself.

Proven remedy that is also ecological

Biofreeze is completely manufactured in the USA. It is not tested on animals, whatsoever. It penetrates the skin quickly for rapid relief. It is also easy to apply.

Forms of application

•  4-ounce gel

•  3-ounce roll-on

•  360-degree spray that you can apply yourself

•  16-ounce pump spray

•  32-ounce gel pump for use on site


Completely colorless (dye-free)

Composed of a proprietary herbal blend

100% paraben-free

100% free of propylene glycol

Conditions the skin very well

Vanishing scent

Doesn’t stain and is completely greaseless