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Local Chiropractor Receives “Doctor of the Year” Award

Dr. Edward Chauvin, D.C., QNCP, of Abbeville, LA has been awarded “Doctor of the Year” by Quantum Neurology®, a nervous system rehabilitation technique Dr. Chauvin utilizes.


Dr. Chauvin received the prestigious award for his work developing protocols that address paralysis cases with much success, as well as exercises he’s identified that allow the body to shift from “fight or flight” mode to “rest, digest, and heal.” Many people’s nervous systems are stuck in “fight or flight” mode, a problem that is at the root of many health issues experienced in our stressed-out world.


Dr. Chauvin has been practicing chiropractic for 34 years, and Quantum Neurology for 15 years. Patients come from far and wide seeking his services in the care and rehabilitation of the nervous system.


To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Chauvin at 337-893-5252.


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