1000 Wildcat Dr.

Abbeville, LA 70510

Chauvin Chiropractic Clinic

What people are saying:

"When I came to Edward Chauvin's office, I had no control of my torso and no function in my legs. Since working with Dr. Chauvin, I have had return of my back and abdomen muscles and can walk three hundred fifthy steps in the LiteGait® machine and do a hundred squats every time I visit Edwars's office. Working with him has been a miracle in my life."

-Karen David

"Medical doctors had all but given up on me, and then I met Dr. Edward Chauvin. My left side was paralyzed, and after years of traditional treatments. I had not restored any neurological fucntions. With Edward's help and Quantum Neurology® techniques, I believe I will be back to a hundred percent very soon."

- Roger Sims 

"Thanks to Quantum Neurology® and Dr. Chauvin, I am no longer borderline leukemia, my leukemia risk is gone, MSA symptoms have been minimized, and people keep asking me if I had a face lift. It's from getting neurological fuction back in my face, not from any surgery."

- Dr. Sue Lein