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You might not know it, but even good vitamin supplements can be pretty ineffective. It's because they come in a pill form. Your body has to break down the pill to get to the vitamins. If your digestive system is a little weak, and most weaken with age, then you're not absorbing all of the vitamins.

Natural Vitality

Our organic life vitamins do more than skip the digestive system. Our nutrients are bioengineered for bioavailability. Your body will recognize them as available and use them immediately. Plus, you don't have to deal with swallowing a pill.

Effective and comfortable

Calcium calls you to action with excited nerves. Magnesium calms you down. Bring your magnesium and calcium in balance for good health. Calcium clots blood, contracts muscles, and more. Magnesium opposes these effects. They're both vital on a cellular level.

Enjoy a natural calm

Sometimes you might not be absorbing anything at all from your pills. Let them enter your system immediately and practically skip digestion altogether.

Maximize your health benefits

Discover the benefits of liquids


Comfortably intake your vitamins and enjoy their effects immediately.